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Avoid Mistakes that will "RUIN" your Vacation

1. The number 1 mistake, not using a travel expert. Don't trust your most important experience to chance: just one of the things you may not know: resorts can be oversold and you won’t be in your dream location, or your party could be split up. You will be protected from this when you book with the experts at Ciorras Travel.

2. Protecting your identity.  With chips in your passport and credit cards it's easy to have your identity stolen. Your credit card and passport will be protected with RFID blocking sleeves, provided free, by Ciorras Travel.

3. Money.  Do you need to exchange money.  If so, how much.  Should you bring a credit card.  What kind of card.  If it's all inclusive, do you need to tip.  How much should I tip. You will be well informed by Ciorras Travel.

4.Booking the wrong airlines.  Some airlines won't put you on another airline if the flight cancels.  It has taken some people days before they could reach their honeymoon destination, or get home.  Ciorras Travel can't guarantee what airlines will do, but we know the airlines with the best reputation and track record.

 5. Not packing correctly. For instance, some resorts require special attire to get into restaurants.  What about all those souvenirs?  Ciorras Travel will give you guidelines and suggestions on how to get your souvenirs home.

 6. Not getting travel insurance.  What if your suitcase gets lost, what will you wear.  You are planning far in advanced what if you have to cancel? Most people do things they usually wouldn’t and sometimes get hurt, your USA insurance will not help if you're out of the country.  You have to pay up front before you can leave the country, then turn it into your insurance.

 7. Missing experiences or attractions because you didn’t have a travel expert to guide you. You won't have to worry about this when you book with Ciorras Travel, your experiences will far exceed your expectations!

 8. What happens if you make a mistake when booking on-line… you are stuck with what you bought. If you book with the Ciorras Travel we will work in your behalf, and we often can get a courtesy change from resorts and sometimes even airlines.

 9. Are you eligible for any special amenities.  You will know what is available and Ciorras Travel will help you redeem these offers.

 10.Not checking your phone plan is a huge costly mistake. Call your carrier and ask about service and charges in your destination.

 11. Not checking  your credit card for international travel – some companies put a fraud hold when a charge shows up out of the country, or have extra charges for using it out of the country.

 12. Not printing out your reservation details.   Your phone may not work or what if your battery dies?

 13. You need an extra copy of your passport with you in case of loss or theft.  It can take up to 2 weeks to get it replaced without a copy.  With a copy it usually only takes a one or two days.

 14. Is it safe to go out of the resort? You will be guided the experts at Ciorras Travel and their extensive personal experience, as to what is and isn’t safe.

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